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Rockaway New & Used Furniture sells new and used furniture in Brooklyn, NY, and we buy your used furniture for top dollar! In our 24,000 square foot showroom, you will find all the new and used furniture you need to fulfill your decorating dreams!

Rockaway New & Used Furniture is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We have the largest selection of top quality new and used furniture in the Brooklyn area. Each piece of used furniture is thoroughly inspected prior to sale. We have a variety of styles of new and used furniture for you to choose from. Our experience and our selection allows us to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Call us at (718) 462-1080 if you are searching for a particular item.

Serving Kings County

Why spend more when you can get better for less? Rockaway New & Used Furniture in Brooklyn, NY sells used furniture at bargain prices! We also offer excellent deals on new furniture. We offer:

* Used Furniture
* New Furniture
* Home Furniture
* Bedroom Furniture
* Office Furniture
* New, Damaged Furniture At
Discounted Prices
* 50% Off on Damaged Furniture

Rockaway New & Used Furniture is an excellent option for saving money without compromising on quality. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll help you find it at the lowest price on the market!

Rockaway New & Used Furniture
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Rockaway New & Used Furniture

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